Terms of Sales


However, we want to remain convinced that the visitor of this site wishes above all, animated by the best intentions, to share a moment of pleasure and to establish a quality exchange.

Also, we welcome him by dedicating this wonderful Irish proverb to him:

“The one who comes to see us is not a stranger, but a friend we do not yet know”

Preliminary information

LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS is a Simplified Joint Stock Company (SARL) located in Paris in France,

represented by :

121 boulevard brune 75014 Paris

Email: sales@libertyperfumesparis.com

SIRET: 231 654 987 12315

RCS: 321 654 987 Paris

The LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS site strives to provide visitors with the best possible information from information mainly from specialist literature, and from other sources deemed to be reliable.

It also strives to show as faithful images as possible of the products offered by “LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS” (Protected brand).

These images, photos, graphics, representations of the products, however, are not contractual, and we reserve the right to modify at any time and without notice, both the images and the texts contained on the site, with the main idea of always better inform the visitor, in accordance with the Consumer Code.

However, despite all the application and the seriousness given to the information made available, we cannot guarantee its exact accuracy, absolute precision, total exhaustiveness.

Depending on what LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS declines all responsibility for any omissions, inaccuracies or inaccuracies that could affect the information, images, photos, graphics, representations, available on the site.

As well as, in the same way, concerning any damage, direct or indirect, which would result from intrusions into the content of the site, from voluntary or non-consecutive modifications to such intrusions and which could affect the information and representations.

Any order for a product appearing on the LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS site assumes that the buyer has first read these General Conditions of Sale and has freely accepted them in their entirety and without reservations.

It is considered that the buyer is therefore fully informed of these conditions, and in particular that they do not require a handwritten signature to be worth the contract.

On the other hand, the act of purchase implies that the buyer has the full legal capacity allowing him to commit under these General Conditions of Sale.

No reference to documents such as prospectuses, catalogs, or any other medium provided by LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS can not question the scope and scope of these General Conditions of Sale.

LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS reserves the right to modify, amplify, update these General Conditions of Sale

The buyer has the option of making a hard copy of these General Conditions of Sale. However, it will be responsible for ensuring regularly thereafter that the texts and the numbering of the articles have not been modified.

LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS cannot be held liable and / or held liable for damages or damages, direct or indirect, arising from the fact that modifications have not been taken into account by the buyer.

Indeed, only the version, possibly updated, supplemented and / or modified of the General Conditions of Sales appearing on the site, is worth contract between the parts.

In the event that a term, a sentence, an article of these General Conditions of Sale turns out to be illegal and / or unenforceable against a third party by court decision, such a decision cannot call into question the other conditions, provisions, terms and articles, which will in fact remain fully applicable.

The offers concerning the products offered on the LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS site are understood to be within the double limit of the quantities and stocks available, as well as the duration of this offer, in particular in specific cases such as promotional periods, launches, birthdays, etc …

In the event of provisional unavailability of one or more products after placing an order, we undertake to inform the buyer thereof by any means available to us within 7 days of receipt of said ordering, and to inform the buyer a waiting period of 30 days maximum before new reception.

The buyer will then have the option to cancel his order and request a refund, or to maintain it and request the replacement of the missing product (s).

If opted for reimbursement, it will be made within 14 days at the latest following the payment.

Automatic recording computer systems are considered to be able to establish proof of the order, its date and its nature. As soon as it is registered on the LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS site, the buyer will receive a return receipt by email and by the same means, an acknowledgment of receipt specifying the exact amount of the order and the delivery terms.

The sale will only be concluded and validated as from the confirmation of the order.

To this end, the purchaser of the products presented on the LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS site may consider their order as confirmed from the moment they have paid.

LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS reserves the right to cancel any order from a buyer with whom there is a dispute, and in particular a previous payment dispute.

This cancellation, in this case, cannot be assimilated to a refusal of sale.

Payment for each order must be made upon validation of the basket. An order placed de facto creates an obligation to pay by the means indicated to the buyer. No collection period can be granted for any reason whatsoever.

LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS may at any time and without notice, modify, replace or delete one of these payment methods. In this case, information on the modification of the General Conditions of Sale relating to this point will be mentioned.

LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS authorizes and accepts the means of payment mentioned below.

Unless otherwise specified, the payment system will be made via the secure server of our partner PAYPAL (SSL protection protocol), which has the effect that none of the bank information concerning the purchaser passes through the site of LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS

Payment by Credit Card via the PAYPAL system, which is also the fastest, is therefore perfectly secure.

We also offer the possibility of payment via the STRIPE system, PCI level 1 certified (highest level of security).

However, despite all the precautions taken and the reputation of reliability of the payment systems used, LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS cannot in any case be held responsible for consequences resulting from fraudulent methods, such as usurping one’s identity in order to extort from its customers banking or other information.

It is up to the buyer to be vigilant and take the usual precautions in this area.

The products will be shipped to the delivery address indicated by the buyer when placing the order, within 48 working hours.

LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS declines all responsibility in the event of delay or non-delivery due to the origin and transmission of erroneous or incomplete information concerning the delivery address.

The shipping method chosen by LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS is the simple Colissimo delivered without signature.

The buyer is free to choose another shipping method. If it is more expensive, the difference will be billed.

These General Conditions of Sale oblige the buyer to receive his order, or to collect it where it is, if he was not present at the address indicated during the presentation of the package. The buyer cannot claim to not have been present at this address during the presentation to refuse delivery.

A delivery is deemed to have been made as soon as the parcel is made available to the address indicated by the buyer when ordering, whether it is delivered by a carrier, by La Poste services, or by any other means of distribution.

It is the recipient’s responsibility to check the apparent condition of the package upon receipt and to make any reservations and complaints regarding this condition if necessary, or even refuse the package outright (in the case of hand delivery) if it has clearly been opened, visited, despoiled, damaged, or, if it is a delivery by the factor, to report it to the post office in order to make contradictory note the nature of the damage, and to make written reservations on the state of its content.

In the event that damage is found to the goods after opening the package, although it does not present any apparent damage, it will be up to the recipient, as far as possible, to take photos of this damage and of immediately send a copy by email to LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS: sales@libertyperfumesparis.com

Any written proof (delivery slip, descriptive statement) must be dated and legibly signed, both by the buyer and by the delivery service in the event of apparent damage to the package. These documents will in fact constitute formal proof of the findings and must be sent without delay to LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS to support the nature of the complaint.

Without the production of written supporting documents, the complaint would indeed be inadmissible.

In accordance with the consumer code and the law in force, the buyer has a period of 14 (fourteen) clear days from the date of receipt of his order to return products and / or use his right of withdrawal without justifying itself to LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS for their exchange or refund, and this without penalties, with the exception of return costs.
This period of 14 days of withdrawal runs from the day of receipt of the order.

To have this right, any return must be reported beforehand to LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS via an email: sales@libertyperfumesparis.com, or via the contact form on the LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS website

Upon receipt of your request, a withdrawal form will be sent to your email address (you will need to specify whether the product must be exchanged or refunded – In the case of an exchange, the shipping costs will be at your expense except of course if the error comes from us). You must return to LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS the latter dated and signed with the products in their complete original packaging, intact and in perfect condition for resale, it must not have been opened. Any product that has been damaged, or whose original packaging has been damaged, will not be refunded, returned or exchanged.

If it were found during the verification that this was the case, the value of these products would be systematically deducted from the amount possibly reimbursable.

The return costs remaining at your expense, you will need to communicate to us the chosen carrier as well as the tracking return number. Upon receipt and verification of the products, we will reimburse you for the entire product or products ordered within 30 days maximum.

It is expressly stated here that no compensation may be claimed by the buyer from LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS on the grounds of an error in the processing of the order. Only a return in conformity of this one could be exigible.

The buyer’s refund request can only be taken into account after the arrival of the product (s) returned to the address indicated by LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS.

Any return of packages whose cause would be an incorrect address, an absence during the presentation, a non-withdrawal of the package where it is pending, would be entirely at the buyer’s expense.

In the same way, any return of package which would come from an error of the purchaser in the choice of the products composing his order, or from a retraction within the framework of Article L 121-20 of the Consumer Code, will be carried out entirely at the buyer’s expense and risk.

The return period of 14 (fourteen) clear days must imperatively be respected.

Beyond, no return will be admissible, and therefore there will be no form of refund.

Whatever the cause and reason for the return / withdrawal, no form of COD return will be accepted by LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS.

In the event that the return costs fall to LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS (for example in the case of products not conforming to the order), these costs may, with the buyer’s prior agreement, be credited in the form of a voucher. to be used on a next order.

It is specified here that LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS will only reimburse the return costs relating to a Colissimo type shipment, excluding any return by express couriers or carriers. The receipt of shipping costs must be attached to the package, otherwise its refund could not be required by the buyer.
to know the return address of parcel please send us an email at the following address: sales@libertyperfumesparis.com.

The liability of LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS is strictly limited to the value of the product possibly called into question, on its date of sale.

The contractual guarantee incumbent on LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS cannot apply in the following cases:

Damage or non-conformities resulting from a fraudulent intrusion by a third party which has led to a modification or alteration of the information available on the site.

Fortuitous event, force majeure, meteorological or climatic disruptions, consequences of social movements, strikes, blockage of the means of transport, transportation or supply, delays resulting from such disruptions.

In the event of a failure to perform the contract by a supplier resulting from the unavailability of the product ordered. The buyer will be informed of this unavailability, and will be provided with another product of equivalent quality and price if necessary after informing the consumer, or will be reimbursed for the payment of the sums he paid no later than 30 days.

Any invocation by the buyer, who is supposed to be an individual, of indirect damage such as loss of business or profit, loss of profit, is excluded from effect. The specific rights enjoyed by any consumer would in fact be called into question if the products purchased via the LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS site were to be used by the buyer in a context related to his professional activity.

The above list is for reference only and is not exhaustive.

The law of January 6, 1978 modified defines the conditions and limits of use of the data transmitted by the consumer, and relating to data processing, the files and freedoms.

In this regard, these General Conditions of Sale refer to the legal notices also appearing on the site.

It is also specified here that the activity of the site sales@libertyperfumesparis.com is declared and registered with the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL).

These General Conditions of Sale are deemed to be a contract between the parties and are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute resulting from their interpretation, the parties undertake in priority to find an amicable settlement to their dispute.

In the event that such a provision fails to settle the dispute, the French courts will have sole jurisdiction to do so.

This period runs from the day of receipt of the order by the buyer.

All returns must be reported to LIBERTY PERFUMES PARIS in advance by email to sales@libertyperfumesparis.com or via the site contact form.

if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us