Really disappointing !!! 😔

The high demand for disinfectants has “forced” (among others) people to seek them regardless of the price and, unfortunately, without checking its origin or at least its effectiveness …

We are in a world of easy access to information (you just need to prick them from credible sources), and you will check:

Ethanol (preferably denatured with MÉC), and Isopropanol are the alcohols used in disinfectants in marriage with Hydrogen Peroxide and Glycerol …

We see people using alcohol to Burn 🔥, and unfortunately, I personally attended its use in public administrations, which includes hundreds of engineers, and this use to cause great suffocation on a large well ventilated room , so imagine using it in a narrow or enclosed space. It’s easy to verify that it is a mixture of ethanol denatured with methanol ⚠️, it is highly toxic ☠️.

Even worse and stupid, The White Spirit ⚠️, it is not even an alcohol, it is a petroleum distillate, and called heavy naphtha, or commonly paint thinner, is a refined product of petroleum distillation. Its main constituents are paraffinic, cycloparaffinic and aromatic hydrocarbons, it is also toxic and especially if it is mixed with other chemicals.

Clean well with soap and water (soap from a reliable source and better transparency), if you do not have access to it and the disinfectant is really necessary, put between 50% to 70% of Ethanol and 2% to 5% Glycerin, and if you want 1% pure Lavender Essential Oil.

Hoping to help you.


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